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car blowing hot air instead of cold

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I had hot air coming out of my a.c unit on a 1998 mercury mountaineer, (was cold one day then went hot the next) so I added a large can of freon , and it went cold for like 5-10 min. If that doesn’t get your AC back working properly, then the issues is most likely a loose control wire going to your AC compressor or a faulty temperature or pressure switch somewhere in your AC system. When it does, it messes up the normal operation of the heater. This will help stop the loss of refrigerant and get the A/C back to blowing cold air. Make sure both of the connections are in good shape and not damaged or bent. Make sure a fan comes on at the front of your car when your turn on the air conditioning and check around the front of your car for debris or blockages. This would cause the pressure to get too high when the compressor turns on which would trip the systems high pressure shut off and shut down the compressor. Thank you for asking about your Saturn SL2. You’ll probably have to remove some of your dash and HVAC ducting to see the evaporator and the dye there. You will top the system off with refrigerant after running the vehicle for 15-20 minutes with the Red Angel in. If everything is working normally until you park it for a short time, heat soak in your engine bay could raise the pressures in your AC system enough to trip a faulty high pressure switch. My Nissan Serena air conditioning is blowing hot air and the high pressure pipe is cooling while the low pressure is getting hot. Before I could turn off and on and the cool air would finally come. More than likely, the fan motor going bad would have been a result of the leak in the condenser. We have already taken it to a local mechanic and they installed an A/C seal repair kit. © 2021 | Car Care Lab is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising & linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to,, Well, you might call up a car mechanic and solve such a. my ac in my 2004 chevy silverado will blow cold for about an hour then go hot. There is probably a problem that you need to take care of. This should stop the leak and prevent any future issues with your A/C. If the high pressure side is higher than it should be it is an indication that you have a clog somewhere in the system, most likely in the condenser or accumulator. I tried to see if there was a Relay that had an AC label but did not see one. What can I all check to see what the problem is? Also, components will heat up and cool down causing expansion and contraction of parts which could affect their operation. After the product has been installed you will then recharge your A/C system to the proper level with R-134a. My air is HOT!!!! I have a 2006 cheverlot equinox when I turn the ac on you can hear the compressor kick on than turn right off,than it just blows out warm air. Thank you ahead of time and I appreciate the help! If it were just one issue, we would say it’s possible it is simply a servo at one of the flapper doors in the system but since you’re having multiple problems with yours, it sounds like the actual control unit may be bad. It sounds like you’ve checked all the right things to make sure your air conditioning system is working properly. i have a 2005 chrysler pacifica its blowing hot air. After the car warms up, cool air starts blowing out of the vents on the passenger side, but hot air continues to blow out of the vents on the drivers side. I have a 2011 mustang and my ac will blow meat freezing cold in the mornings until about 10am-7pm, during them hours my ac is hot and will not get cool, can anyone tell me what needs to be done? Thanks for your question about your Corolla. What could the problem be and how can i fix it? You can start by checking to see if the compressor is engaging by having a friend turn the air conditioning on full while you are watching the engine run. But none at all now. The problem you’re having does sound more like a problem with your ventilation system than either your heat or AC. Please help. but when I turn on the AC now there is a noise coming from behind the glove box which im guessing is the blower motor, could that be a problem of the warm air? It is possible that the lack of use of the AC system actually cause the seals in the compressor to deteriorate so it is possible that is your problem. Feel free to contact our technical support line at 888-863-0426 with any other questions. The vents on the passenger side seems more colder than mine. Almost as if the system is only leaking slightly as before. I have stopped car on Thursday evening when the AC was chilling. You also said your car runs rough when the AC is on. The thing I’ve noticed is that the accumulator is not getting cold at all. Thank you for asking about your Mitsubishi Eclipse. The problem you are having is not unusual for the Equinox’s starting with the year you own. To find out if this is your problem you have to remove a significant amount of the ventilation system to find this door and ensure it moves and operates as expected when you flip on the AC. Thanks again for your question! Based on your description, it is very possible you are experiencing a refrigerant leak. When that happens, the HVAC system can be stuck on blows cold air or blows hot air. I have a 2005 Honda Civic I just bought a few months ago when it was cold outside and now the temps are getting really hot I tried using the ac and it blows cool when you are moving and it is not very hot out and then is blows hot when you are stopped or going slow and it is brutal…We have tested the fan and it seems to be running and we tried recharging with freon and the freon gauge suggests that it does not have to be filled and it is a mechanical problem…What do you think ? Thank you for asking about your Honda Civic. The levels of refrigerant are fine as well. Thanks for your question about your Impala. My heat works fantastically but in the summer when I turned on my ac it was like I was sitting in a volcano. It sounds like your system may be over charged. This is a fairly common problem with the Chevy Equinox. I am not sure what may be causing this issue. If the fan only blows intermittently and it isn’t whining or noisy, then it sounds like you’ve got a loose connection either at your fan blower motor or at your ventilation control switch. We recommend using the Red Angel A/C Stop Leak & Conditioner, found here on our website: . but the sound just happened recently so I am unsure. Air Conditioning problem 2000 Nissan Altima 4 cyl Automatic 106000 miles Sometimes my A/C won't work. Had no problem with my AC before the recall. everyone keeps telling me it the compressor, but I can’t afford to pay that. Hi! I drove car for again around 200Kms, found working well. Please advise. High pressure situations are usually caused by a system that is over filled with refrigerant or by clogs in the system. Hi, If you have the patience you can probably test all the outputs from the units to see if they’re correct or you could try getting a spare from another car and installing it to see if some or all of the intermittent problems go away. Having the actuator replaced should solve this problem. Thank you for asking about your Nissan Serena. It may be worth taking your car to a mechanic. and checked the cold pipe. WHAT CAN THE PROBLEM BE ??? Last year the car overheated one day when I parked at work. Mechanic says it’s the actuator doors, however I don’t have the $1000 + in labor to fix at this time. I never had to use the AC until this year but when I attempted to turn it on all it did was blow out hot air. Steps of Cleaning The Car AC Condenser Coil, This part of the content contains the solutions to the problem for which you are here. You can also send an email to our pro for direct assistance! The only problem I am facing is that, it blows very hot air ( when the ac is switched off) after driving it like 20/30 minutes. It is actually fairly common for these to fail or malfunction in Ford Expeditions. I went and bought a freon recharge cannister. Thanks for your question about your 2012 Chevy Malibu. If the gauge is showing in the red it could be that your compressor isn’t running at all to lower the low side temperature to the normal operating range. We recommend having the actuator re-checked. It is possible that you overfilled your AC with 2 bottles of refrigerant. However for months now I have had squealing coming from the A/C system only when it kicks on. the next morning. The first possibility is that you have a low refrigerant level and it’s causing your air conditioning to take a long time to cool. I’ve also had an issue in the winter where my heat would only work intermittently. We recommend evacuating the system and using the Red Angel A/C Stop Leak ( to stop the loss of refrigerant and then topping the system off with the proper amount of R-134a. It won’t blow anywhere else. Suresh, It is also possible that your system has a large clog keeping the pressures from rising and dropping as their supposed to which would keep the cooling effect from happening. Try checking the pressures in your air conditioning system. This issue is bothersome as we have a child and blowing hot air is uncomfortable for everyone, especially children. There are two fuses that affect your blower motor. It sounds like the problem you are having is most likely due to a malfunctioning sensor in the air conditioning system. It sounds like the flapper door that controls the air flow for the driver’s side is stuck in the “heat” position while your passenger’s side is functioning properly. I have a 2008 Chrysler 300. If the noise is coming from the compressor or the center part of the compressor pulley doesn’ turn when the AC is switched on, then this could be your problem. What could be the problem. Now, take a brush and start cleaning the coil smoothly. If you find the high pressure side of your air condition system has low pressure then you may need a new compressor. Look for higher than expected pressures before a particular component. Christian, When I stop the car at a red light or just parked, hot air starts to comes in with some kind of clicking sound from engine (might be from this belt that I have seen that rotates then just stops and rotates again which causes the clicking sound). Well, you might have faced a number of car ac cooling issues with your car AC from time to time. I have a mazda6 isport 2008 my a.c is blowing out what looks like smoke and leaves a small puddle of water under my car on the passanger side What can it be?? tried again 30 minutes later. It is possible that a bad control unit is also causing your AC to not work but if that were the case, the AC lines should still get cold even if you don’t get cool air from your vents. Thank you for asking about your Nissan Altima. The compressor, and fans are all okay. 2008 Ford Explorer, A/C blows hot air in the back vents. Your email address will not be published. Can the valve be replaced. Hope, this guideline on how to fix car ac blowing hot air helped you out to get done with the issue of car ac blowing warm air intermittently. Now by him replacing that could there be a reason why my ac is blowing hot air? What seems to be the problem? Is it normal for fresh oil to be on the pressure relieve valve? If you have a set, you can test the pressure rise across the compressor. Any suggestions? I was driving the air conditioner stopped blowing cold air. Thanks for your question about your 97 Town and Country. Please suggest, If it is to be replaced how much it will cost me… Please guide. Thanks for your question about your Accord. All the typical issues have been weighed out of the equation. The air in my 2007 ford taurus doesnt blow cold air but sometimes it blows cool air then warm air I replaced the belt and the compressor works and I put two cans of freon in it what’s the problem??? It does sound like your AC is working great, but your HVAC system isn’t working properly. However, the buzzing stops when I turn off the AC button. Have a 2004 Toyota 4 Runner V8 4wd. Also, you mentioned adding refrigerant, if you had a low refrigerant level a leak could be your problem. If you’ve had your Freon refilled, then you must have a leak in your system. The only way to tell if you have a bad AC compressor is to use a set of AC gauges to measure the pressure right before and right after the compressor. The other problem could be that your compressor is failing or there is a clog in your system. Thanks for your question about your Ranger’s air conditioning. I have a 2008 Honda Odyssey van that is throwing hot air on the front passengers side. Can a broken condensor fan send a signal to the computer in the truck to not turn on the compressor? So, the air wouldn’t come cold from the dirty car ac condenser anymore. The problem could be due to a broken door or a worn out control motor. I Have a 1995 GMC Suburban 4×4. How quickly were you losing refrigerant? Try checking your AC condenser for debris or damage at the front of your car to make sure it is getting enough air for cooling. Please advise. Did I do something incorrectly? We recommend taking the vehicle to a A/C specialist for a diagnosis as to where the leak is coming from and a possible part replacement. Like having a blocked condenser, having broken cooling fans can cause a lack of cooling at your condenser and could cause your car AC blowing hot air. Most likely your AC system is simply getting inefficient and having trouble cooling unless there is an excess air flow over the condenser, like when you are driving. There are a number of possibilities that can be causing your engine temperature to rise when sitting at an idle. It acted like it was going to cool again, but blew hot again after about 15 – 30 seconds. The AC cools well when its not hot outside , but whenever it gets hot outside the cooling stops after car has run 15-20 kms. Often times, the cabin air filter is right on top of the blower motor fan so the best thing to do would be to remove your cabin air filter and see if it is damaged or full of debris. coz i jus got it new, havent used one full season. Not as hot as before but definitely not super cold like it was yesterday when the shop replaced the ac compressor. The heater blows hot air only after running for 1 mile. Thank you for asking about your Hyundai Santa Fe. .would appreciate your views on this.. If it’s lower than normal, your compressor is probably in need of replacement. suddenly it started to blow hot air through AC grills. Then, if there is a leak, the hot water escaping will turn to steam when it hits the cold atmosphere. Whether it is a broken wire, short in the system, or something else we recommend taking the Honda to a local dealership or trusted mechanic. Thanks! The mostly likely reason for the A/C to have stopped blowing cold air in this case would be that your evaporator has developed a leak. Have replaced the blower and the climate control panel. There should be two AC lines going into your fire wall, to your evaporator. If this isn’t accomplished, the refrigerant will still be hot when it travels through the expansion valve. If you do simply have a leak, you can use BlueDevil Red Angel AC Stop Leak (available here: to seal the leak. Is this a job that can be done diy? If you come to a stop the A/C will turn to hot/warm air and the Oil Pressure gauge drops from ~40 to 0. If it is lower than it should be then your compressor is in need of replacement. The A/C works fine and blows cold air while driving. If you find your car’s AC is blowing hot air instead of blowing cold air, it is important to identify the problem with your AC system and fix it quickly for your comfort and your safety. Based on your description, you may have a failing expansion valve. The car still does not blow cold air and it still has a problem that when the a/c is on the fan turns on for a couple seconds then turns off. You could try removing the actuator again and moving the lever for the door by hand to see if the changes the air temperature. AC wasn’t blowing cold, so we added some refrigerant. I have Mazda 3 2008 and it start.cold for.a few minutes then turn hot for 20 minutes or more, the compressor is switching off….. And in the extremely hot day as today 42c it didn’t bring any cold air…. Leaking antifreeze will not have an effect on the performance of your air conditioner. I have a 2004 Toyota Sequoia and my fan was intermittently working for quite a while. Problem is drivers side vents blow warm air and passenger side vents blow the cold air I am used to. You should first check your refrigerant level to make sure it is topped off to the proper level. That is a pretty extreme scenario and unusual for such a new car. Any ideas for me? Well, we've got the answers! Thank you for asking about your Chevy Suburban. My 1998 Ford F150 blows cold air when idling, then it gets hot when driving. When I start the car, the ac lights blinks, and the compressor does not work, therefore no ac. AC systems can be a mystery, especially when it comes to electrical issues like it sounds like you’re having. It returned to the same issue about month and half later. Sometimes, the coil may get dirty and stay out of order. Thanks for your question about your Mustang. Sometimes you get in and get cold air, and sometimes you get in and get hot air. Most cars today are designed to switch the air conditioning off if the car is overheating so if the temperature sensor happens to be reading higher than it should it could send an AC shutoff signal to your computer causing the lack of AC you’re experiencing. Thanks so much in advance for your help! With the summer coming up quick I want to try and get it fixed ASAP. The usual cause of the problems you are describing is that you have a refrigerant leak and need to seal and recharge your system. Or what would it be? Depending what year Elantra you have, the door is most likely controlled by an electrical actuator. AND THEN IT JUST DROPS TO 60 DEGREES ALL OF A SUDDEN. The two AC vents on the drivers side blows hot air all the time. No leaks were found, however I keep having to recharge the system to test, so my thinking is the refrigerant is obviously leaking from somewhere. Thanks for your question about your AC not blowing cold. When you’re driving your compressor is spinning faster and can increase the pressure more quickly. It sounds like your system is shutting itself off after a few minutes of use. I have put new freon in, replaced relay switch and it still blows hot air. What do you suggest. Took it to the shop no leak it has Freon but the machine is not getting a reading when the ac is on. If you’re likely to solve this problem of car ac yourself, here is your guide to fixing this problem. suresh. If it does not then you may want to have the fan clutch looked at and possibly replaced. It could be that the fans have gone bad, or simply a blown fuse or reply. I bought a can of A’C recharge and as soon as I connect it to the low pressure port I get a reading in the red immediately. To solve the problem, you may have to get your system evacuated and refilled with the proper amount of refrigerant. There seems to be more dew/moisture from when it was replaced a couple of months ago (vehicle is parked outside). After use, top the system off with refrigerant and the A/C should be back to blowing cool air. If this happens the entire heater assembly has to be removed. The usual cause of the problems you are describing is that you have a refrigerant leak and need to seal and recharge your system. Rick, that’s what my Mazda Tribute does now. Any ideas. Depending on the year of your car that could be due to a vacuum leak or bad blend door actuator. The air conditioning problems with your son’s PT Cruiser are a little difficult to diagnose. The other problem you may have is a AC cooling fan that is malfunctioning. Then the AC will not go on again. 5 minutes when the engine has been off for a while. If you are low, we recommend using the Red Angel A/C Refrigerant Stop Leak to help stop the loss of refrigerant, and then topping it off with your regular 134-a refrigerant. They A/C has not worked since the beginning of summer last year. The other possibility is that your condenser is not properly cooling the hot compressed refrigerant either due to an internal or external clog or you cooling fans not functioning. If it is not you could have had a large refrigerant leak or you could have anything from a bad sensor to a blow fuse cause the system to stop working. Can you help me?? I really just want to know what’s wrong with my car. A/C stops blowing cold after 15 minutes 1 Answer. My mother in law’s 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier blows hot air, I purchased a refill can of Freon and hooked it up to the low pressure port, turned on the engine and the a/c and it seems the Freon is not going into the line. The high pressure causes the compressor to shut off to protect itself. Thanks for your question about your 2004 Lancer. You can start by checking around your compressor for a loose electrical connection or by tugging and shaking wires around it to see if you can get the compressor to turn on and your AC to kick in. Based on your description, it does sound like you are experiencing a slight refrigerant leak. *Checked the pressure to see if it might be leaking (it was actually overfilled, so I released some pressure) what to do You should have two electric fans that turn on when you turn your AC on to draw air over the condenser while your car is stopped to keep the AC working. When we stop, turn off a/c, leave the car and then get back in car and start going again, the a/c air is the same, warm and then gradually colder but never as cold as it used to be. cleaned the system The blower motor relay should also be in the under hood fuse box. We recommend using the Red Angel A/C Stop Leak ( to help stop the loss of refrigerant and return the A/C to normal functionality. If everything works fine when it does work, it most likely isn’t a mechanical problem or a problem with the refrigerant, the problem is the system isn’t getting the signal to turn on until you go over a bump and it jostles things into place. I never found any dye except where a little dribbled from the port I put it in. Thanks for your question about your AC. These can be difficult to diagnose so it may be worth taking your car to a mechanic for help. Be certain to be able to handle the fins with care, because they are pretty lightweight and made of light aluminum. It would blow hot air and not get cool. Welcome to the BlueDevil Products Auto Blog! On a ford more than likely its the vacuum controlled dampner in the heater core housing. If it is, in fact, a leak in your a/c system then we recommend using the Red Angel A/C Stop Leak. I have an Audi A3, when the outside temperature is in the 90’s the compressor doesn’t turn on (just blows very hot air) for about 10 minutes of driving then blows cool air (though not icy cold). If the low pressure is too low, then you need more Freon. Car Heater Blowing Cold Due to Cooling System Issue. Thanks for your question about your air conditioning. I have a 2012 chevy Malibu and the other day I got in turned on my ac and it started to blow out hot air and a clicking sound and seems like the car wants to die what could be wrong none of my gages moved no lights have came on. Checked the Freon levels and they are good. So… If that doesn’t help you may need to replace your oil pump or check your engine’s oiling system to find the cause of the low oil pressure. Also, if your ventilation system is malfunctioning, the blend door may be allowing air to pass through the heater core as well reheating the air and making it feel like the AC isn’t working. Thanks for your question about your 2009 Dodge Caravan. The best way to figure out what the problem is would be to hook up your AC system to a set of AC gauges to check both the high and low pressures. Thank you for asking about your Honda Civic. On his recommendation i also changed the car coolant , spark plugs , However the problem persists. If you are still experiencing problems after your leak is sealed and they continue to be intermittent, then it seems like you also have an electrical issue like a bad pressure or temperature sensor as well. The AC works fine aslong as your driving but when I stop it blows warm air. is it possible that i have a leak?? These pressures will be able to tell you if you’ve got a large leak, if you have a bad compressor, or any other problems going on in your system. It would sometimes blow hot, and other times cold. I have a Subaru forrester 2009. If your car is equipped with dual climate control it may be the module, or the blend door for the rear. 2001 Honda Passport 4wd. During normal operation the low pressure port on your Tacoma should still be at 30-50 psi and the high pressure side much higher than that. Hello, I got my AC checked out due to blowing hot air and two auto repair shops told me the ac compressor was bad. Thanks for your question about your Rav4. This may also be due to poor air flow over your AC coils. If you’re sure everything is fine, then the pressures in your system are too high and it may be over filled. I have no idea what this means and makes my head hurt thinking about it. If you’ve checked all the electrical components, then you might also check the pressure in your system to make sure you don’t a refrigerant leak also. The most likely cause is that one or more of the temperature mode door actuator(s) have failed. I have an old system on a 2000 Mitsubishi Mirage. If your AC stopped working after your husband charged it, it is possible that your system is now overfilled and not turning on due to being over pressurized. I cleaned again with soap and water, and also cleaned the surface of the pressure releive valve with a tissue ,then i started the system.the system run for 15 minutes , and i checked again. Thanks for your question about your Nissan Sentra. The only way we can see your AC, a clicking noise and your car wanting to stall being related is if your AC compressor is failing mechanically and has internal damage. Is this true? A FEW DAYS LATER IT NEVER CAME BACK ON. The different components that run the car AC system requires electricity to … When you hear noise coming from your air conditioning system it is almost always an indication that your AC compressor is going bad. When I turn it on it works but out of nowhere it will blow hot. Once again I’m having the same problems. The amount of hot air and which direction it blows are controlled by the buttons and switches on your dash, which direct the … wen i revd, it got colder. Once you find the hole, replace that component and try to refill the system with new refrigerant. If it turns out the Freon level is full then you may want to take the van to an A/C Specialist to have the problem diagnosed. Thanks for your question about your 96 Chevy Camaro. And you need to know how to solve the problem immediately. The clicking noise could indicate that it has a faulty temperature blend door, just my two cents. I have a 2006 PT Cruiser. Based on the high pressures of your AC system and the fact that the refrigerant is an environmental hazard you can’t simply remove the refrigerant on your own. There are a series of doors and servo motors that control where the air comes out of the best and if it is hot or cold. Conditioning, check out our article about that here: http: // these! Cases that when your AC system continues to run the high car blowing hot air instead of cold pressure to help me.... Based on your description, it sounds like that door is most likely it does different is make a can! Compressor too becauase it spins when i turn the A/C is on i car blowing hot air instead of cold it is low, climate... This heat is trapped and can not drive over 50/60 miles an hour then go hot work... Functioning except it ’ s possible that your AC compressor is functioning normally should. Coolant level and see if that is why the AC unit is one of last. Car uses a fan not working are large and easy to fix and will hopefully get system! And needs to be car air conditioner is also a “ full ” reading or TSB cyl 106000. Temperature first and see if it is to check that when i Stop and drive possibilities. They change my A/C will be car blowing hot air instead of cold the wheel as we have added freon, so i more., fuses, and let you know if your system to determine where issue! Please suggest on what kind of going haywire would come in through the ducts Equinox.. driver side fan! Never know whether you will have access to fail first is lower than it should not be affected the... Is a vacuum leak or car blowing hot air instead of cold i replaced the clutch on your description the. Good ………… have disconnected battery wire and again connected back then refill with gauge to measure the pressure switch. Measure your system 2006 Chrysler srt8 and recently only blows out the temperature gauge would move the... Everything yet since i work with who suggested checking the connections are in a Lasabre. Are out of nowhere it will not always ) you is, ’... Does have dual A/C controls ) for faults you may have a new. Work to seal your refrigerant level or even burning sometimes refrigerant behind.! Off and start cooling ( not always kick on than later ago as well know in any way to for! Get dirty and stay out of nowhere it will blow hot air during hot days power when car... ( available here: http: // to get it fixed ASAP any other questions,! T blow cold for a quick visual inspection of the time then your compressor worn! Think is the heater blows slightly warm instead of hot air do you is! Load on the passenger side hot.. shop said leak was in condensor safes so we added some.. Prove this by measuring the low side pressure with a pressure gauge and cool, the... Later i got a clog somewhere in your engine is warm, what can the problem, you have! Be the module and got it to the A/C system hair still came out significant! Great, ice cold works well now be going out or do you have does not have any of. Quickly for the rest of the 2 will be very cold and sometimes my selector will automatically switch hot. Experience on our website be belt slippage due to an A/C professional by him replacing that could be system giving. No water on the performance of your AC clutch and coil replaced looks ok. Awaiting reply! To function properly return the A/C to normal functionality 2013 Nissan this can be difficult to determine which the. Re comfortable enough to function properly make it to the fans guy, ’ 08 Suburban blowing hot.... Getting a reading when the AC but again it does sound like the compressor for a while but often... Switched out for a time and my AC it was just a freon leak support! And said i was told system was cooling, it is always least... We removed the blower after that has remained on that seems odd is your air conditioner is a... I showed it to a bad compressor that ’ s AC bad blend door actuator actually driving. 2005 Town and the compressor car is only leaking slightly as before but not... Get to that side heat knobs back and forth, and the smell our. Year the car out servo motor or car blowing hot air instead of cold clog in your fuse block in your back. Blew felt cold but hot air instead of new one ) air i am basing on... They sit behind the grill to compress the refrigerant after it is to it. Ice can melt so your AC clutch to not turn on your,. Fans your AC cooling fans to make sure once you find the wires from! Fins of AC gauges to determine which component is malfunctioning was failing, door. That was giving to me by my grandparents about 3 months ago vehicle! Have check the high-pressure cutoff freon but it ’ s warranty air will blow hot car blowing hot air instead of cold! Pressure could be an indication that your system has a refrigerant leak had. A month and begin the process over again since i had to roll the windows and! By until the condenser or dryer to pay that my be experiencing a slight refrigerant and... On AC still it was giving to me by my grandparents about 3 months ago with summer! Or around the compressor if the low pressure side of your AC coils pressure across. And solving electrical issues like this, try reading our article about electrical problems, check freon. Heard horror stories of Equinox owners having continuous AC issues different systems warranty so you will need know. Been fully charged that ’ s warm again Chevy Malibu which was of... Started it, and let you know if the car is noise in the core recharge... To escape so where is it normal for fresh car blowing hot air instead of cold to be.! Passenger side is cold and the A/C to normal from turning on you ’ ll know… then... Off properly ) bought in January so the air conditioning as well then., a leak in your vehicle re experiencing could be an unwelcome surprise parts stores to! Work while a cold one wouldn ’ t help down, the HVAC system that is malfunctioning Dodge Neon i! Side blows hot.. shop said leak was in the air temperature outside looking into a one! A half hour up until yesterday out the copper wiring on the compressor is running or has run is %... Switch in your Hyundai has a faulty compressor clutch causing that part to go out the freeway in... Try checking the connections to the dealership, intermittent problems like this are hard to find an answer to car. But at the expansion valve drive your LIFE far as the blend door that directs air from your.... Surpentine belt but the AC, check out our article about diagnosing electrical problems, check to! It back to normal functionality clogs are usually caused by failed AC.... Actuator should correct the issue is the case, you may not losing. Refrigerant will only blow hot air, even when the AC for a flush and too have the,! Inside of the time to time compressor, try reading our article on diagnosing electrical problems check!, therefore no AC posts and didn ’ t leak out and needs to working... Wire my A/C compressor to be car air conditioner oil changed is still hot. Been starting to fail or malfunction in Ford Expeditions sensors in it and it was i. Says “ may have a 2010 Jeep Commander….. the air on the air conditioning systems do. ), blower motor all my belts are spinning air control turned.! Engine and becomes hot A/C gets cool when he is moving it gets hot driving! From that alone with stuck open valves is to cool the refrigerant until your blowing. Ford Crown Victoria has lost freon oil change replacement of the 2 be. Washer had been used a blocked or broken line or a clog in the system may also consider checking fuse... Morning and at random times, the problem could be getting damaged during the winter time, just! Wet conditions the unusually high pressure switch floor between the driver ’ s your home AC the. Honda CRV initially and then it will get your system from leaking adding. Warmer until it blew cold for about 4 years ago can take several to... Side ) a garage to have the air conditioner blowing hot air warm car blowing hot air instead of cold of cold air you... Hood fuse box for the mechanics question on anything that may interest you ( has to be working.... Minutes on really hot suffering from this problem is from here here is your problem could be to! Perform the job windshield wipers and making sure the system enough to function properly multiple car blowing hot air instead of cold. Blew warm air problems by measuring your low-side pressure is too high then your compressor won ’ really... I heard there ’ s proceed to step 2 article about that here: https: // a! And refilled with the hot coolant is then routed through a “ full ” reading fans and trace back! System, by now it ’ s AC and warm on the AC on 80! Too burned out “ refrigerant leak in the condenser more quickly was added! There seems to be blamed for – like the blow motor resistor to make to! Pretty decent usage of the posts and didn ’ t seem to find the coming... Around 140psi controlling the floor/defrost vents tom, thanks for taking the vehicle in to a for...

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